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Pure Hearts Pals

Embarking on a journey of connection and community, we're thrilled to announce the launch of Pure Hearts Pals! In this enriching program, we're providing a space for our teen and adult individuals to cultivate strong bonds and social skills. As they navigate the challenges of teenage and adulthood, fostering a sense of belonging is crucial. At Pure Hearts, we're dedicated to nurturing emotional well-being and emphasizing the significance of lasting friendships.

Our incredible individuals are having an absolute blast bonding through supported activities like dance, art, fitness, and just being delightfully silly! Our Teen volunteers play a crucial role in supporting, caring, and loving the participants, helping them become great peers in these activities. Special thanks are extended to Mr. Mieshio Brown for leading the fitness session with enthusiasm and bringing lots of energy to the sessions. And thanks to @True love for special families for the space. Join us in creating a supportive environment where individuals can lean on each other, learn, and grow together.

Let's build a community that lasts a lifetime!

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