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The Journey

Embark on the heartfelt journey of Anandhi, a compassionate advocate who, through her own personal quest for resources and support for her son, crossed paths with the founding members of Pure Hearts of Georgia. Witnessing the challenges faced by Indian families with special needs children, Anandhi took the initiative to establish the Georgia Indian Special Needs Support Group. This grassroots community became a haven for sharing information, references, opinions, and fostering connections through heartfelt get-togethers.

As technology advanced, so did the support group, migrating to social media platforms and expanding its reach. What started with a humble gathering of five families has now grown into a thriving community of over two hundred, with new families reaching out every week. Beyond the digital realm, Anandhi and her husband have been hosting regular lunch and dinner gatherings for the past decade, extending a warm welcome to parents grappling with recent diagnoses.

In Anandhi's words, they are "creating a welcoming network for new parents." Recognizing the increasing demand for support, Anandhi, in collaboration with a few other parents, co-founded Pure Hearts of Georgia. This nonprofit organization, established in 2019, aims to raise awareness about intellectually disabled individuals and their unique needs. More importantly, it strives to build a robust support network for children with disabilities and their families.

Join us in embracing the remarkable journey and the impactful mission of Pure Hearts of Georgia. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.




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